Community Relations Plan

A Community Relations Plan for Fort Ord Environmental Cleanup has been published in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) guidance. The plan describes communication techniques used to keep the affected community informed throughout the cleanup process. The Community Relations Plan is maintained in the administrative record and the information repositories and is available for public viewing.

Some of the activities for which the plan provides guidance include:

Community Outreach

Involvement of the community in the cleanup of the former Fort Ord is accomplished through several outreach activities aimed at establishing and sustaining two-way communication between the Army and members of the local communities. Participants include, but are not limited to: Technical Review Committee (also known as TRC) members, local political and civic leaders, special interest groups, minority, ethnic, and religious organizations.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets are brief reports summarizing current or proposed activities of the cleanup program; they may be released when new information is available or after the completion of a final design or plan. They are distributed at public meetings, community events, and to interested parties who have requested general or specific information. Factsheets are also available online in the Fact Sheets page.

When requesting Fact Sheets, please refer to the Fact Sheet title for the information you are interested in. For assistance, or to join a mail or e-mail list for future cleanup Fact Sheets and other public informational materials, contact the Community Relations Office at (831) 393-1284, or by e-mail Translation of listed information is available upon request.

Interviews and Surveys

Interviews and surveys are conducted by the community relations staff within affected communities to support the Community Relations Plan. Interviews assist the community relations staff to maintain a current assessment of the interest of community members in cleanup activities. To schedule an interview, contact a member of the community relations staff at (831) 393-1284 or e-mail:

Annual Report

The Fort Ord Annual Report is published once a year and mailed to more than 65,000 local residents, students, teachers, contractors and others in the Monterey Bay – Salinas Valley communities. The newsletter contains articles describing current cleanup activities, future plans, community involvement, and safety information. The Annual Reports are available electronically and can be found in the Fact Sheets page. To receive the newsletter or request past issues, contact the Community Relations Office.

Notices and Advertisements

Public notices are published in the Monterey Herald and Monterey Weekly newspapers to provide a notice of intent to the community describing a selected course of action in regards to a cleanup site or policy. Notices are also published to announce the public comment period for proposed plans and findings of suitability to transfer property. Advertisements are published to announce public meetings and information sessions and tours in connection with the cleanup.

Group Presentations and Tours

Tours of cleanup activities are conducted for community leaders, groups, media, organizations, and agencies with an expressed interest in one or more aspects of the cleanup. Tours have been provided to California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB), community groups, local civic organizations, clubs, local colleges, universities, and schools, as well as local and national media. Tours can be scheduled through the Community Relations Office.

Presentations have been provided to the faculty and students of CSUMB and Monterey Peninsula College, local chapters of the Sierra Club, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, and the Monterey County Association of Realtors. Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) safety presentations are offered to government agencies, public service providers, and local elementary, middle, and high schools.

Public Meetings and Other Events

A community involvement opportunity provides community members with information concerning specific proposed cleanup plans and offers an opportunity for the Army to receive input concerning cleanup plans. Public meeting and information sessions are advertised to the community through local print media, e-mail, and direct mailings.

Technical Review Committee (also know as the TRC)

The Fort Ord Technical Review Committee is made up of representatives of local and regional regulatory agencies and commissions, natural resource trustees, civic and educational institutions. It is established to review and comment on interim and final environmental cleanup actions.