New Signs in the Northern Portion of the Fort Ord National Monument

Update for August 2021

Dear Fort Ord National Monument Recreational Enthusiast:

In July, new signs were posted around Lion’s Revenge Road, Watkins Gate Road, and West Machine Gun Flats Road on the northern portion of the Fort Ord National Monument.  The Army calls this area Unit A.  These are additional reminders to stay only on the designated routes marked by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The rest of the area is off limits since the munitions cleanup has not yet been completed.

Background: Munitions cleanup has not yet been completed in Unit A due to funding constraints. While Unit A remains “in progress”, the Army has completed munitions cleanup on trails within the unit. Based on the status of the work, the Army, BLM and the regulatory agencies agreed to open these trails for public use. This is contingent on recreational users’ compliance with the “stay on signed trails” rule. Access may be restricted if the trail rules are not followed. Also, when the Unit A work is reinitiated, the unit will again be temporarily closed to maintain public safety. Based on the current funding, munitions cleanup may begin as early as 2023.  In the interim, we ask that you Mind the Signs.


An interactive map of this area is available at